Dating marlin 39a rifles

I'll try to remember to pull it out of the safe tomorrow to see about my trigger finger placement. I use a 3/4" tubed 4X scope on it with the old Redfield style rings. My Browning forend has a touch of fore & aft play in it, I'm not inclined to tap out the pin & correct because I don't want to bugger up the wood or pin head.

Personally, I prefer the BL-22---lighter, thinner, sleeker---less lever throw (takes a little getting used to), etc. The Browning is a little small for me but still like it. The scope is the "Gru Bee Wolf Pup" copy of the Redfield and although Chinese is nice & clear, well made - nice fit on the little Browning. The Marlin seems more "walnut & blued steel" than the Browning.

I owned a Marlin 1894 44 magnum about 25 years ago and sold it, wish I didn't and it too was a fine lever action rifle and I probably would have bought another one if it was in stock when I bought my Winchester. They are accurate enough for a .30-30, most times even better. I mean the Henry was fun, but the 39A is a fine rifle.

I also have a Henry Golden Boy Big Boy 45 Colt and they are both smooth as butter. I've not owned a Henry rifle, but hear good things about them, and they are a family run business that seems to take pride in their product. I have several and they are very robust, easy to clean properly (removing the bolt with only one screw). With the 30-30 there isn't that much difference between the two companies, but when it comes down to the .22's Marlin 39A is far superior. Who knows, in a moment of weakness I might be persuaded to buy a Henry.

The angle of the stock and the curved lever puts my trigger finger near the bottom of the trigger and I can pull with the fleshy part of the finger. Rather Marlin has always been able to meet or exceed my expectations, so I just never looked any further. I still check pawnshops every once and a while just in case though. Going to have to shell out 5-800 for a good one nowadays.However, as you can see from the picture, it still sets up near the top of the trigger, which doesn't give me as good a leverage. The Marlin has a little nipple that slides into a groove to keep the tubular magazine in place, whereas the Browning has a latch.The problem with the nippled magazine is that when the spring gets loose, the magazine can have a nip slip and fall out of the groove and the tube can fall out while shooting.

Dating marlin 39a rifles

The tube is not going to go flying down range, but it'll come loose and when that happens, you can't work the action until you secure it back in. The opening circumference of the Spee D loader (which is an essential item for a tube magazine) is the same size as the opening of the Browning.So you have to line it up and hold it steady when loading.It's easier if the middle, ring, and pinkie fingers are in the lever. Dating marlin 39a rifles-62Dating marlin 39a rifles-77 With the Marlin, I prefer using just the middle and ring finger to work the action while keeping my index finger out of the trigger guard. You Tube - Going deer hunting I've got a 94 too in 44 Magnum though. The walnut used though may not come from the USA though. I'd get the Marlin because I've had them in the past and they are very well made, very durable rifles, bombproof you might say. I mean the Henry was fun, but the 39A is a fine rifle. I haven't been to the shops in a while, you have me thinking I might have to take some time and look around this weekend.

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I've looked at the Browning BLR in 22 RF It is a very nice rifle and has a lot going for it, then again it will set me back about about the same $$$ as a 39A. The reason I'm looking to pick up 39A is that I have the opportunity to shoot smallbore lever action silhouette. Sounds about right cost wise, at least thats what they are going for around here. I left some markings on the part to ensure it didn't come back, and it did. Now that I own and have shot the Winchester I love it, shoots straighter than I can and never gives me any feeding or ejecting problems though I only shoot Hornady LEVERevolution 225 flex tips through it. I owned a henry 22lr and had a bad experience with it. The second time they claimed to replace a part, and did not. With the 30-30 there isn't that much difference between the two companies, but when it comes down to the .22's Marlin 39A is far superior.


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