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The band's reputation was growing, fuelled by months of travelling and gigging and the added mystique of their releases being on import in the UK and USA, but, as is often the case, it was the kind of lucky break that money can't buy which helped to put them on the music industry map.Los Angeles-based female four-piece the Bangles (nee the Supersonic Bangs) chose to cover one of Rew's songs on All Over The Place, their second album, but first for new label Columbia Records.The Waves were initially a five piece, fronted by singer/songwriter/guitarist Rew, who brought a wealth of original material to the band.

More recently, the song was covered by Aly & AJ for Walt Disney's 2005 movie Herbie: Fully Loaded, starring Lindsay Lohan.Their version of Going Down To Liverpool, originally on K&TW's debut album, was released at the end of 1984 and, with the help of an odd-ball video starring Leonard Nimoy, became a minor MTV and radio playlist hit and, drawing the attention of a certain Prince Rogers Nelson who wrote Manic Monday, the Bangles' next single and first hit. Partnersuche frau This pricked up the ears of various labels (at last) and the band were quickly snapped up worldwide by Capitol Records.Berdien Stenberg, echte naam: Berdien Steunenberg, (Almelo, 30 juli 1957) is een Nederlandse fluitiste, die in de jaren 80 en 90 van de 20e eeuw furore maakte, diverse internationale hits scoorde, meer dan 25 gouden en platina platen binnenhaalde en enkele miljoenen platen verkocht. Na haar middelbare school volgde ze een klassieke fluitopleiding aan het conservatorium in Den Haag.Haar eerste single uit 1983, Rondo Russo (het ingekorte laatste deel uit het Concerto in e mineur van Saverio Mercadante), werd een nummer 1-hit in Nederland en een grote hit in andere Europese landen.

Singles sternberg

This line up of the Waves never issued any recordings, and broke up when Rew left to join The Soft Boys, who left their mark as a twin guitar-led psychedelic rock quartet who in their short, commercially unsuccessful but influential existence managed to create an idiosyncratic canon, essentially two albums, A Can of Bees and Underwater Moonlight , based around the charmingly off-kilter songwriting of frontman Robyn Hitchcock, a whimsical Englishman in the Syd Barrett/Kevin Ayres mould, but out of step with the prevalent pub rock and punk of the time.Hitchcock has gone on to enjoy a cult solo career of steadily building success and now records and tours with the Minus Three, featuring REM's Peter Buck.Numerous labels on both sides of the Atlantic were approached, but only Ralph Alonso at Canadian indie Attic Records, which had previously released recordings by the Soft Boys, responded with an offer.Consequently, Katrina And The Waves' debut album Walking On Sunshine was released only in Canada, despite the band being based in the UK.In 1982 The Waves released debut single Nightmare with B-side Hey, War Pig!

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